Wide Stile Concealed Vertical Rod Exit Device – Model # 4270

Product Brief

• Panic CVR exit devices are used for all types of single and double doors. Fire CVR exit devices are used for UL listed fire labeled single doors up to 8ʼ x 8ʼ (2438mm x 2438mm) double doors installation.
• These CVR models cannot be omitted the bottom rod to use as Less Bottom Rod (LBR) devices.

Material: Stainless steel components on aluminium chassis
Strikes: Steel
Vertical rods: Aluminium

  • Device Lengths: Short (36”): (850mm), Long (48”): (1137mm)
  • Door Widths:
    1. 36” – (736mm to 914mm) door size
    2. 48” – (838mm to 1219mm) door size
  • Minimum Stile Width (107mm)
  • Latch Bolt:
    1. Top latch – (16mm) throw, can be deadlocked automatically
    2. Bottom latch – (16mm) throw, held retracted during door swing
  • Strikes: Top 406F (Fire) , 406 (Panic) Bottom 404F (Fire) 404 (Panic)
  • Dogging Kit:
    1. Panic device – Hex key dogging (RD) standard
    2. Fire device – No mechanical dogging (ND)
  • Dogging Options:
    1. Cylinder Dogging (CD)
    2. Less Dogging (LD)
    3. Sex nuts and bolts (SNB) supplied standard, devices for wood doors use are requested to mount by SNB
  • Mounting Height: Device centerline from finished floor is 40” (1016m) standard
  • Door Opening Height: Standard door height is 7’ʼ, 8’ʼ is available
  • Vertical Rods:
    1. ((13mm) diameter tubular with rod guides
    2. Top rod has two pieces to connect for accomodating 7’ or 8’ door
    3. Bottom rod is one piece, itʼs lenngth is (794mm)
  • Projection:
    1. Pushbar Neutral: (78mm), Pushbar Depresesed: (66mm)
    2. 603, 605, 612, 613, 625, 626, 630



  • ANSI BHMA: Tested and certified to the requirements of ANSI/BHMA A 156.3 Exit Devices Grade 1
  • UL/cUL Listed : UL listed as Panic Exit Hardware or 3-hour Fire Exit Hardware

How to Order

Model Number
ANSI TypeFire RatingDevice length
U 42(1)0- Wide stile rim typeN-Panic Rated Only36” - For 29” - 36” Door sizeRD-Hex Key DoggingRHRLBR-Less Bottom Rod (only for SVR)-Machine Screws630
(3)0 - Wide stile SVRF-Fire and Panic Rated48” - For 33”-48” Door Size
CD-Cylinder DoggingLHRSNB- Sex nuts and bolts626
(2)0-Mortise typeLD-Less DoggingSS-Security screws605
(7)0- Wide stile CVR606
(7)0 WD- Wide stile CVR for wooden doors612