Key in Knob/Key in Lever Cylinders-U2340/U2350

Product Brief:
ULL U2340/2350 offers a range of key in knob/key in lever non IC core cylinders in standard American format suitable for multiple level master keying.

Technical Data:

  • Areas of Application: Cylindrical locks with levers, knobs, cylindrical deadbolts etc.
  • Material: Brass or Bronze
  • Standard Keyway: SC Keyway.
  • Keying: Factory master keying or 0-bitted/uncombinated for end user keying.
  • Standard Length: 29 mm (1 -1/8”)
  • Tailpiece: Please specify the model of the securing device in ordering information to supply suitable Various options of tail piece available.
  • Number of Pins: 5 pins

How to Order

Model NumberTailpiece
Securing Device Model
U 2340Mention the model of the securing device.SC-Schlage CKD-Keyed Different626
U 2350SE-Schlage EKA2-Keyed Alike Sets of 2619
SF-Schlage F
 KA4-Keyed Alike Sets of 4
YG-Yale GAMKD-Masterkeyed613
CMK-Construction Masterkeyed606
0BIT-0 Bitted605