At Universal Levers and Locks we absolutely believe that you can never be too prepared. Which is why we have compiled an easy guide on how to find that perfect set of door knobs for your homes.

First let’s start with the basics. Before buying any hardware be sure to first measure out the dimensions of the door you’re shopping for. The key aspects to measure are:

  • a) Backset
  • b) Bore hole
  • c) Cross bore and
  • d) Door thickness.

Backset is the length from the center of the borehole to the edge of the door. The most common lengths are 2-⅜-inch and 2-¾-inch. This is very important for knowing the measure of the door latch you need.

Bore Hole and Cross Bore: The standard size is a 21/8 Bore hole with a 1” cross bore.

Door Thickness: Standard door thickness ranges between 1-⅜” – 1-¾”

Once you are sure of the above we come to the next thing; what type of latch to buy:

We have many types of latches that you can choose from. Be sure to check out our products and see for yourself!

Now, for the most interesting and fun part; selecting the doorknob. The first thing you should consider is the difference between styles depending on if the door is exterior or interior.

Typically exterior doors, those leading outside or from the garage to the house, have a key knob or knob with a key code attached.

Although the process can get a little technical it’s important to remember that it is the little details that help turn your house into a home. Hopefully these tips will help narrow down the search as you look for the perfect door knobs.

For more details feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you

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